The Seller Experience

Your Path to a Succesful Closing

1. File is Opened

When we recieve your purchase agreement.

2. Welcome Documents Sent

Seller information request form is sent to the sellers via a secure email link.

Payoff Authorization Form sent to sellers via secure email link.

3. Pre-Sign & Closing Schedule

Pre-sign date and time for sellers is scheduled.

Closing date and time for buyers is scheduled.

4. Settlement Statement Complete

Seller recieves Settlement Statement for review, prior to pre-sign.

5. Pre-Sign Complete

Sellers attend and sign required documents.

6. Closing Day

Buyers attend closing and sign required documents.

Sellers recieve proceeds.

Closing complete!

Seller Resources

FIRPTA Information

What Sellers Should Bring to Closing


  • A valid, government issued photo ID/DMV Paperwork (if applicable)
  • Green Card (if applicable)
  • Spouse (if applicable)
  • Any required documents as requested by your closing team. For example, Certified Divorce Decrees, Probate Documents, Power of Attorney, Death Certificate, etc.
  • Original voided check and/or wiring instructions from your Financial Institution for any sales proceeds (if proceeds are to be wired.
  • LLC’s/Trusts/Estates must bring an EIN number.