Why Reators Can Trust North Title

Title insurance is a fundamental aspect of every real estate transaction, offering vital protection against potential hidden defects in a property’s title. At North Title, our team of dedicated experts thoroughly examines and guarantees the integrity of your title, instilling the confidence and reassurance necessary to navigate the path to a successful closing. With our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your investment, North Title transforms your real estate aspirations into tangible reality.

Your Path to a Succesful Closing

1. File is Opened

When we recieve your purchase agreement.

2. Welcome Documents Sent

Seller information request form is sent to the sellers via a secure email link.

Payoff Authorization Form sent to sellers via secure email link.

3. Pre-Sign & Closing Schedule

Pre-sign date and time for sellers is scheduled.

Closing date and time for buyers is scheduled.

4. Settlement Statement Complete

Seller recieves Settlement Statement for review, prior to pre-sign.

5. Pre-Sign Complete

Sellers attend and sign required documents.

6. Closing Day

Buyers attend closing and sign required documents.

Sellers recieve proceeds.

Closing complete!